How To Order The Coins

We’re glad that you’re interested in forwarding the mission of, in proclaiming the origin and purpose of the rainbow as recorded in God’s word, the Bible.

You can order the coins directly from the vendor we have worked with,

The instructions below reference CombatBet’s Traditional 43mm (1.7”) Custom Ceramic Coins, which have worked well for us. Of course, you’re welcome to select a different size and type of coin. You can download the approved Bible Rainbow Coin Proof file for ordering (small sample below) using the link below. Please have that file saved and available to upload during the ordering process.


1. Open your internet browser and go to the website
2. Once on their website, click the red ‘Custom Coin Order’ button.
3. Click on the Traditional 43mm (1.7”) Custom Ceramic Coins or another size you prefer.
4. Next, choose the quantity (100 minimum) and click the ‘Continue’ button.
5. On the Artwork page, check the ‘I have already paid for artwork…’ and then select the ‘Bible Rainbow Coin Proof’ graphic file (you downloaded along with this instruction sheet).
6. Click the red ‘Continue’ button.
7. Check the ‘Prepay for the coins’ box, then click on the red ‘Add to Cart’ button.
8. Review your cart and click on the red ‘Checkout’ button.
9. Enter your Contact and Shipping information and click the red ‘Continue to shipping’ button.
10. Select the shipping method and click the red ‘Continue to payment’ button.
11. Enter your payment information and click the red ‘Pay now’ button.


CombatBet order mini image

Download the Bible Rainbow Proof File and Instructions 
for ordering from the vendor we have worked with.

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